Commercial Systems - Engineering Services for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Photovoltaic Drawing by Maine Solar Engineering

For the Commercial Electrical Contractor:

Rich Roughgarden of Maine Solar Engineering specializes in commercial solar power systems and electrical engineering services for photovoltaic systems for electrical contractors, developers & engineering firms. Rich provides engineering services to design PV systems according to engineered specifications and will specify all solar and electrical equipment required.  Maine Solar Engineering will perform as a sub-contractor to work with the electrical contractor to perform the following services:


  1. Provide sub-contractor bid proposal for equipment and services to be delivered.
  2. Provide solar equipment and functionality according to the engineered specification.
  3. Identify all items to be delivered and all items to be provided by the electrical contractor.
  4. Provide support in pre-installation meetings, on-site installation meetings, and interaction with installation personnel.
  5. Startup and commissioning of the photovoltaic system.Photovoltaic Drawing by Maine Solar Engineering
  6. Provide system drawings and solar equipment manuals.

For the Developer, Commercial Engineering/Architectural Firm:

  1. Provide consultation to create specifications of photovoltaic systems based on the requirements of your customer.
  2. Review options to meet your customer's expectations and cost impacts.
  3. Provide training for appropriate engineering firm personnel to understand the fundamental parameters for specifying a PV system.