Site Evaluation

Rich Roughgarden of Maine Solar Engineering will provide a Site Evaluation and Custom Solar Design Quote including a discussion of your goals, a site survey, and a review of available options. Upon completion of the site evaluation, you will be given a spreadsheet providing the average predicted system performance, a proposal, price, and payback analysis.


Things to consider:

  1. Is your location a good candidate for a solar power system?
  2. Do you have good exposure to the sun between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.?
  3. What are your expectations for a solar power system? Solar hot water, solar electricity, dollar savings, solar heating?
  4. Where do you want to mount the solar panels?


If you are a good candidate for a solar power system, please email Rich Roughgarden at Maine Solar Engineering for your site evaluation and custom solar design quote. You can also call Rich at: